Roles and responsibilities

Act as the central contact(s) for your organisation's users.
Coordinate the onboarding of new users.
Managing user accounts.
Utilise reporting and analytics to monitor platform activity.
Act as a super user for your organisation.

Below is a great step-by-step to get you up to speed with the system and start exploring the Life QI tools!



Customise your organisations profile

Before you start entering information into Life QI we would recommend logging in and exploring the system, get a feel for the navigation, check out the tool tips, this will put you at ease. Next, let’s begin the set up! Add organisation details and get familiar with the levels of help available. Learn how to kick start your Life QI set up here. 


Upload your organisation's logo
List your organisation's priorities
Enter your organisation's contact details and main point of contact
Add a description of your organisation in the about us section 


User Management Tasks

As a Life QI admin you have the ability to set your organisation's user permissions and roles within the platform which will help you to manage improvement work. 


Verify new user accounts - A daily task. Users cannot access the platform until an admin has verified their account and assigned them a licence
Control permissions - Set permissions for general users and promote users to admins if required
Create a user dashboard and export data - This helps to track user activity and monitor licences
Revoke unused licences -  If a user no longer requires their licence then this can be revoked and reassigned to a new user


Organisation Management Tasks

Life QI Admins are the central point of contact for the user management side of the platform. As well as overseeing user activity you have complete visibility of all the work taking place across your organisation.


Organisation Overview - Get access to a bird's eye view of your organisation's activity
Admin Access - Can be found in the navigation panel of the platform (This is only available for admin users)
Manage Organisation Profile - Customise profile and input organisation priorities


Promote and Expand User Base

Introducing a new platform to your colleagues can take time and require an adjustment period. Here are a series of helpful resources designed to support the roll out of Life QI. The sooner your users know what Life QI is the easier it will be for them to adopt a new way of working.


Life QI Introduction Email Template - It is recommended that you send out introductory emails to all new users so they are aware of the new platform  

Webinars - Send users a link to the Life QI webinar page, they can register for any of the live webinars if they would like to learn more

Newsletters - Add Life QI to your monthly newsletter email with the logo and login details to remind people to access the platform
Promote Life through your Intranet - Create a QI webpage with helpful hints and tips and make sure Life QI is featured on this along with the logo
Event Flyers - If you have an event coming up why not print out some Life QI flyers. Get in touch with the Life QI marketing team for event swag bags 
Life QI Media Kit - Get access to logos, banners, content and more

Why not join one of our Webinars to discover Life QI

Tune in and discover our new user basics webinars or explore our advance tips and tricks!

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