Media Kit

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Welcome to our media kit!

At Life QI we love the way our brand looks and are super keen to ensure we provide everyone with the most up-to-date Life QI assests to promote brand consistency across all types of communication.


Here are our logos available for use!

Currently available in an PNG format, if you require any other format just drop us an email:

Color Palette

#27A9E0 RGB 39 169 224
#D9DFE4 RGB 217 223 228
#FEC33D RGB 254 195 61
#AF4E66 RGB 175 78 102
#462D44 RGB 70 45 68
#96CA56 RGB 150 202 86
#F4F296 RGB 244 242 150
#ED4A7D RGB 237 74 125
#F9CFE1 RGB 249 207 225
#BCE3F9 RGB 188 227 249

Image Library

Supportive illustrations and images may be used alongside text to highlight a concept. If you have any queries on image use or require a different image contact us at:

Life QI Text


Where people improve healthcare, together.

Life QI is the global web platform where tools, people and data come together to make improvement happen.
Life QI is the leading Quality Improvement collaboration platform that empowers every person in healthcare to make a difference. Our mission is to bring all healthcare improvers from across the world together and transform the way they share, report and manage their improvement work. Life QI offers a suite of Quality Improvement tools enabling healthcare professionals to run projects centrally, create detailed reports on QI, collaborate in real time with teams remotely and record critical data all in one place.


Life QI have a range of official merchandise available to purchase, please contact for more information.
Please do not use the Life QI assets on any apparel, general products, toys or other merchandise.