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Organise and execute improvement work

Whether running projects or facilitating large programmes - run and store everything in one place. Projects provide teams with a collaborative workspace for all their improvement data. With everyone and everything in one place projects complete quicker with a greater chance of success and can be easily celebrated and spread.

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Time-saving improvement tools

Pick from a range of integrated improvement tools that save time and bring your data to life. Easy to use tools make data capture and visualisation simple and save the hassle of using using lots of software and offline templates. Teams save time and data capture is more complete and up to date.

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Track progress and analyse outcomes

Gain rich insight into your improvement activity and ROI through real-time analytics dashboards and streamlined reporting. Know where you are making improvements - and which projects need extra support. Target dashboards at different collections of projects and make reporting super efficient with click-to-run reports.

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Connect your improvers to maximise collaboration

Bring your people together to share ideas, accelerate learning and drive improvement. With shared access to all your improvement work, everyone is on the same page so teams make more accurate decisions quicker. Plus you aren't limited to your immediate colleagues - work with your internal and national improvement community.

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Custom Workflows

Create custom and automated workflows to boost your improvement productivity. Flexible workflows allow you to capture the project information needed to meet your governance processes, whilst also streamlining basic project admin so your improvement team can focus on the big picture.


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Security & Compliance

In order to protect the data entrusted to us, we operate enterprise-grade security developed to meet customer needs. Life QI has best practice measures in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data at all times.


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