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Build and Develop Your Team

Achieve faster and more sustainable improvement within your teams thanks to Life QI's real-time sharing and communication tools.

Whether you are trying to train new-comers, better utilize seasoned improvers or just realize the benefits of connecting your people better, Life QI makes it happen.

  • Organize with Groups Structure and connect your teams, departments, divisions and beyond with groups.
  • Define Roles Use roles to define your team members responsibilities and expertise.
  • Share Learning Invite people to improvement projects, start a discussion or send a report.
  • Set Permissions Restrict access to sensitive information or share public work with everyone, everywhere.
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'Ready-to-go' Onboarding

Joining a new platform can be overwhelming. Life QI onboarding allows you to pre-configure your team's accounts to remove barriers.

Join users to projects, groups and your organization. Preset their dashboard with pinned reports and analytics. Let them feel right at home from their first login.

  • Bulk Invites Invite any number of people at once and monitor their steps through sign-up.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Skip the sign-up process and let users login automatically with single sign-on.
  • Support Don't go it alone. Life QI can build a custom onboard process and support you at every stage.
  • Onboard Any Time As your team grows or your collaborations expand - onboard new people anytime.
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Collaboration at Scale

More improvers should mean more improvement! Too often a lack of effective collaboration tools makes large-scale improvement disjointed and ineffective.

  • Create Together Create projects, plot data and discuss in real-time, all at the same time.
  • Collaborative Programmes Work with any number of organizations at any number of locations.
  • Data Aggregation Aggregate data from any number of locations to single top-level charts.
  • Secure Robust and granular access controls to ensure data security isn't compromised.

We are effective alone, but stronger together

Powering people around the world to learn, share and connect in one place.

Empower Your People

Help teams to own and drive improvement locally while drawing on broader expertise. When you stimulate knowledge sharing at scale, you multiply innovation and see incredible results.

Reduce Collaboration Cost

Collaborative working doesn't have to be a costly affair. Life QI helps large-scale collaborations successfully work on improvement projects remotely, driving down travel costs.

Accelerate Learning

With Life QI silos are a thing of the past, accelerate learning by sharing your knowledge, discovering other people's success and implementing their findings into your organisation.

Real-time Submission

Direct access to projects and programmes with real-time data means there is no longer a need for people to submit their findings manually, speeding up the analysis process.

Cut the Admin

Give people more control over their destiny. Empowering people to run and report on their projects remotely gives people a sense of achievement and reduces unnecessary admin.

Engaging Content

Life QI stores a unique library of improvement work displaying people's successes and stumbles, up and down the country.

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The not so little things that bring the big things together

Personal Start Page

Instant access to all of your improvement work with a complete overview of your QI progress.

Bulk On-boarding

Invite your entire team at once to join Life QI and monitor their sign-up progress.

Governance Controls

Implement your approval processes, trigger custom forms and automate regular reporting.

Notifications and Alerts

New projects, status & team changes and submitted forms. Make sure the right people know about important changes.

Document Storage

Access additional documents at your fingertips. Upload all associated QI documents to Life QI and retrieve them on the go.

Global Community

Don't try and re-invent the wheel, tap into the global improvement community to learn from others and share your work.


Build stronger relationships with your QI team by staying better connected through chat. Engage in group conversations, share documents and connect directly with other users in Life QI regardless of location.

Report Templates

Create unique report templates for your teams, to encourage a consistent, concise way of working. Remove room for error and get the right information every time by creating your own unique team report templates.

Access Controls

Keep it private, share with colleagues or share with the entire Life QI community, you decide. Robust controls are in place to ensure privacy where appropriate or enable open collaboration.

Progress Scoring

Reflect the level of progress achieved by updating your progress score throughout your project. Giving you and your organization an overview of how your project is evolving.

Our people have got your people covered

Don't skip the training, we want you to be the best Life QI user you can be! We offer a full suite of training and consulting options to ensure you maximize your results with Life QI.

Ongoing Consultation

Monthly check in with your Life QI consultant who is dedicated to helping you succeed in your QI work and is experienced in providing guidance on how to master the toolset to reach your goals.

Help and Learning

With 100's of how-to articles, our help center is packed full of in-depth detailed walkthroughs to guide you through Life QI at your own pace.

Live Chat

Engage with us through the live chat app on the Life QI website and directly through the platform.

Managed On-boarding

Time to value is vital for any product supporting your improvement work. Whether onboarding 10 or 10,000 people, Life QI's expert success team will design an onboarding plan to suit your people.

Webinar Training

Convenient one-to-one tutorial webinars with you and your team/s. Introducing you to the platform, offering advice on the best way to implement Life QI into your organization with the least amount of disruption. Lots of Hints, tips and best practice.

On-site Training

Larger groups are often better-trained face-to-face. With our private, on-site training sessions, we deliver tailored content, created by a Life QI expert to suit your organization's needs, at a location of your choice.

Ready to accelerate your improvement?