Roles and responsibilities

Setup and populate projects and programmes.
Engage in collaborative team working (e.g. contributing to project content and discussion threads).
Keep projects up-to-date with latest information and progress.
Meet any reporting requirements.

Below is a great step-by-step to get you up to speed with the system and start exploring the Life QI tools!



Set up your Life QI profile

Before you start entering information into Life QI, we would recommend logging in and exploring the system, get a feel for the navigation, check out your start page, the menu options and click on some tool tips, this will put you at ease. This video is a good point of reference to explain the basic navigation of Life QI.


Once you are happy with the above tick off your first actions on the checklist below:


Add a profile image.
Have a go at searching for projects within your organisation or subjects that interest you.
Locate the live chat (right-hand corner of the screen). Have a question? We are here to help.
Our How-To guides are a great way of learning located in the Life QI Help Centre.
If you enjoy reading blogs, then head over to our dedicated blog area full of improvement articles.


Create a QI project

Projects are the heart of Life QI. To ensure you get the most out of the system we recommend you complete the following to ensure your project is fully populated. 


Start your new improvement project entering details including your aim, rationale and problem
Create a project name & Invite team to project
Ensure your team members have the correct roles in Life QI
Control & edit Project Permissions - (Everyone view, Member Only view)


Running your QI project

You are now ready to manage your project using the quality improvement tools below. We recommend completing one task at a time to add as much information as you can to ensure you get the best out of the functionality.


Add in a realistic progress score and continue to update throughout duration of project
Begin to build a Driver Diagram ensuring the aim and drivers are clear and easy to digest
Create and select the measure you require for this project
Produce a PDSA Ramp and continue to run additional cycles if required
Documents relating to the project can be uploaded and stored for the team to access
Run a report on your project to share with your organisation
Don't forget to use your project noticeboard to send a message to your project team


Stay on track!

The easiest part is creating a project but keeping it up to date can sometimes be where things fall apart.
Here are some areas we suggest users keep on top of:


Updating progress scores is one of the most important factors of any project, this determines how your project is progressing and will evidence to your organisation how much progress you have made
Continue to add data to charts
Run reports to check yours and your team’s progress
Check in to make sure your project is on track to succeed
Do you need to run another PDSA ramp?
Report back to all teams involved to keep momentum going


Invite others and spread QI across your organisation

If your QI projects are part of a wider organisational, regional or national initiative - did you know that Life QI can enable you to link multiple projects together under one over-arching programme? To find out more about this feature and how to create a programme, take a look at this page here that will provide you all the information that you will need to set up your programme.

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