Roles and responsibilities

Coordinate and run internal user training sessions
Guide users through their use of Life QI, providing guidance when required
Encourage uptake and effective collaborative use of Life QI
Monitor Life QI use and project activity
Act as a super user for your organisation

Below is a great step-by-step to get you up to speed with the system and start exploring the Life QI tools!



Set up your Life QI profile

Before you start entering information into Life QI, we would recommend logging in and exploring the system, get a feel for the navigation, check out your start page, the menu options and click on some tool tips, this will put you at ease. This video is a good point of reference to explain the basic navigation of Life QI.


Once you are happy with the above tick off your first actions on the checklist below:


Add your organisation to your profile.
Add a profile image.
Have a go at searching for projects within your organisation or subjects that interest you.
Locate the live chat (Right-hand corner of the platform). Have a question? We are here to help.
Our How-To guides are a great way of learning located in the Life QI Help Centre.
If you enjoy reading blogs, then head over to our dedicated blog area full of improvement articles.


Guru - Key responsibilities

Confirm how your organisation is using Life QI – Are you leading a project-based adoption of Life QI or a training-based adoption?
Introduce the platform to colleagues – Have a plan of how you are going to rollout Life QI and a timeline, it helps to have structure so that you can report back to your organisation.

Get users in the platform as soon as you can – Build excitement and momentum, get them to decide on a QI idea and start entering it into Life QI. If they need help as a general user, point them here.


Part of your role as a Guru is to encourage team collaboration and sharing learning across your organisation.


Look at your organisations profile (and groups if these are set up to reflect your organisation’s structure) and gain a true understanding of who is running which project and the number of members on each one.


Coaching and Supporting Projects

Part of your Guru role is to coach and encourage team collaboration which leads to improvement and demonstrated impact. Here are some pointers to get you up to speed:


The role of a QI Coach – To help people develop skills and knowledge of the platform and offer motivation and support to encouraging users to build successful QI projects
Organise and book in project team meetings – Planning is key, establish the purpose and objectives of the meeting before sending out your invites
Coaching project teams and Individuals – Coaching individuals for QI
Reviewing project activity (or inactivity) – Checkout the timeline functionality in Life QI. You can access project updates that users have made to measures, PDSA’s, progress scores and more
Review discussion threads – Set up project team or individual discussion channels to chat about project progression or communicate with colleagues via the Megaphone.
Project Progress Score Updates – Instantly understand how projects are progressing. All reports and dashboards include project progress scores, so it is important that team members keep these up to date.


Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

The easiest part is creating a project but keeping it up to date can sometimes be where things fall apart.
Here are some areas we suggest users keep on top of:


Run List Reports – Find out what is happening across multiple projects by running a list report. Filter the list to areas of interest (i.e. projects by department).
View project data – Track project activity and data in real time through the analytics area
Create a dashboard – Decide which dashboard works for your organisation, Checkout this dashboard overview to help you set up the correct one. Encourage QI leads to review and analyse dashboards regularly track, monitor and support QI happening under your guidance
Dashboards in meetings – Remove your paper reports and login into your Life QI dashboard live to display progress during meetings
Organise projects using Life QI Groups – Use Groups to organise projects, target workstreams, support training and colleague caseloads! Organised groups with Gurus assigned makes managing a large portfolio of improvement work easier


Invite others and spread QI across your organisation

If your QI projects are part of a wider organisational, regional or national initiative - did you know that Life QI can enable you to link multiple projects together under one over-arching programme? To find out more about this feature and how to create a programme, take a look at this page here that will provide you all the information that you will need to set up your programme.

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