Improvement run the way you want it

Effective improvement requires governance measures to maximise the impact of projects. Life QI's custom workflows allow you to incorporate your governance processes into how staff setup, run and report on their improvement projects. All of which makes for effective improvement with streamlined admin.



Customise Life QI to fit your improvement process

Customise Life QI
Approvals - 01

Focus your effort with review and approval

Implement new approvals to ensure all projects are reviewed by key stakeholders before valuable resource is committed. Whether it's new projects or changing key fields, automated notifications and clear approvals ensure your team's efforts are focused on the priorities that matter most, and duplication of projects is avoided.

Approval examples include:

blue-tickNew project approvals

blue-tickProgress score change approvals

blue-tickCompletion and cancellation approvals

Promote involvement and gain oversight

Including the right people and expertise on your teams is critical to successful improvement. Create custom project roles and mandate their use to ensure involvement from the right people and accountability for every project. Drive local ownership and oversight by guaranteeing every project is linked to the relevant part of the organisation.

Role and categorisation examples include:

blue-tickCoaches on every project

blue-tickSponsors on every project

blue-tickAll projects linked to a Department

Promote involvement - 01
Notifications - 01

Create automations to trigger notifications

Setup custom notifications that are triggered by key actions and at specific stages of a project. Real-time notifications keep the people that need to know, in the know. So you'll never miss a project status change or progress score update. Notifications can even trigger reports to be filled out so the right information is being captured at the right time.

Notification examples include:

blue-tickAlert QI leads to new projects in their department

blue-tickAlert project team to progress score updates

blue-tickAlert QI team on reports being completed

Capture all the information you need

Custom forms and reports can be used to complement the standard Life QI fields, allowing you to capture all the information you need at each stage of the project lifecycle. Easily add forms to the project setup process, implement reports to capture project progress updates, or standardise your own final project report.

Forms and Reports examples include:

blue-tickExpanded project charter

blue-tickProgress and learning summaries

blue-tickImplementation planning report

Capture Information - 01
Schedules - 01

Streamline reporting with automated schedules

Remove the burden of repeat manual reporting with scheduling. By implementing a robust scheduling structure in Life QI you can ensure project compliance and timely reporting every time. You can even setup automated email circulation so all the right people have the information they need delivered right to their inbox.

Scheduled report examples include:

blue-tickMonthly project summaries

blue-tickMulti-stage reporting involving several stakeholders

blue-tickSend and even embed reports in emails

Built your Life QI workflow

Depending on your subscription plan custom workflows can either be unlocked as a paid add-on or by upgrading to a Professional plan. To find out more about setting up your Life QI workflow, get in touch ...